98 Isaac Stene
98 - Isaac Stene
Height: 6-4
Weight: 285
Year: So.
Hometown: Gary, Minn.
High School: Norman County East
Position: DL
Major: Business

Personal: participted in football, basketball, and track...enjoys huntng, gaming, and sports...son of Stacey and Kathy

Why Concordia: seemed like a great fit

Post Graduation Plans: get a job, have a life

The STENE File

Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese

Favorite Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite Movie: Fox and the Hound

Favorite TV Show: The Ranch

Favorite Musical Group: Brooks and Dunn

Favorite Book: Game of Thrones

The place in the world I most want to visit: Norway

The major sporting event I most want to go to: Superbowl

My dream job is: Business Owner

My bucket list includes: skydiving, scuba diving

My favorite thing about the Concordia Football team is: the atmosphere

What does it mean to be a Cobber: do the right thing

What are you most thankful for: Family and Friends

What would be your walk up song: Eye of the Tiger

This summer I: worked for my hometown construction busness and vacationed at the Orcas Island

Who would you want to be the actor that plays  you in a movie about your life: Ben Affleck