Senior Salute - Zahra Banks

Concordia women's track & field sprinter Zahra Banks.
Concordia women's track & field sprinter Zahra Banks.

The Cobber "Senior Salute" series is a way to honor all the Concordia spring sports athletes who had their senior season come to an abrupt halt. We want to highlight one senior each day to thank them for all their hard work, dedication and Cobber spirit they have show over their careers in maroon and gold. 

Cobber Senior Salute - Zahra Banks - Track and Field

What is one of the things you were looking forward to most for this year’s season?
I was looking forward to enjoying the last of many things and understanding how impactful they have been on my life. But most of all, I was looking forward to spending and enjoying the last moments as a student-athlete with my team!

What is one of the top things you will miss about being a Cobber athlete?
One of the top things I’ll miss about being a Cobber athlete is the community between all the athletes, all different but very much the same with one end goal in mind - doing your absolute best before/during/after the season, giving it all you’ve got, while also having fun with it.

What is something you are going to miss about Concordia College – away from athletics?
The community, my professors, my friends. There’s a lot that Concordia offers that you can’t find anywhere else; I think I’ll overall miss Concordia College as a whole – everything about it!

What is one of your favorite highlights/memories from your time playing athletics/being with your team?
There are so many, but I love DS dinners with my team. The track team loves going to DS together after practice and just having a fun time that lasts about 1–2 hours! Another would be our bus rides back after meets, there would be games, jokes, etc. even though everyone would be so tired from competing so hard.

What is one of your favorite memories from Concordia away from athletics?
Again, there are so many! But one of my favorite memories from Concordia - away from athletics - would be participating in orientation. It was such an awesome opportunity to welcome new Cobbers to Concordia and share with them what makes Concordia unique! I made tons of connections, sharpened my leadership and communication skills, and learned a lot from the new incoming class.

What are your post-graduation plans?
After graduation, I plan on moving back to the Twin Cities and working as an IT Associate at Wells Fargo in Minneapolis. I am also looking at grad school at the University of St. Thomas (I know, I’m so sorry!! #rollcobbs).