Olsen Pancoast
Olsen Pancoast
Height: 6-0
Year: Sr.
Hometown: Becker, Minn.
High School: Becker
Major: Religion & Social Work

Personal: Participated in x-country and track in high school...enjoys running...son of Mike and Kari

Favorite food: TBell
Favorite TV show: 
Brooklyn 99
Favorite musical group:
Mumford and sons
The major sporting event I most want to go to:
Superbowl with Packers
Which summer Olympic sport would you most like to compete in:
Favorite Restaurant: TBell
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
The place in the world I most want to visit: Norway
My bucket list includes: The Olympics
MY favorite thing about the Concordia Men's XC team: the people
What are you most thankful for: My family
How would you like to change the world: stop the hate
What would your theme song be: The VeggieTales Theme song
Favorite Twitter hashtag: #Rollcobbs
My go to emoji: G.O.A.T

Favorite Movie: Wayne's World

Favorite Book: Ordinary Grace

What would be your walk-up song: Pirate's who dont do anything

This Summer I: worked and led and backpack trips in Beartooth Absoraka Mountains