Senior Salute - Elizabeth Asp

Senior Elizabeth Asp has played in 77 games for Cobber softball and has a .324 career batting average.
Senior Elizabeth Asp has played in 77 games for Cobber softball and has a .324 career batting average.

The Cobber "Senior Salute" series is a way to honor all the Concordia spring sports athletes who had their senior season come to an abrupt halt. We want to highlight one senior each day to thank them for all their hard work, dedication and Cobber spirit they have show over their careers in maroon and gold. 

Cobber Senior Salute - Elizabeth Asp - Softball

What is one of the things you were looking forward to most for this year’s season?
The thing I will miss most is seeing my teammates every day. Whether it be seeing them on campus or pushing each other to get better during tough workouts and practices, spending time with them was the absolute best part of my day. We never wasted a chance to have fun, be it having karaoke battles on the bus rides to games or putting banana peels on our coaches' vans during our Florida trip. We are a family in the truest meaning of the word.

What is something you are going to miss about Concordia College – away from athletics?
I am truly going to miss getting to see my Chemistry major classmates and professors in class every day. They are the biggest reason why I have enjoyed my academic career here at Concordia. Not only am I grateful for the education I received, but also for the little moments like discussing existential life questions in PChem with Dr. Ulness or us getting Dr. Krogstad off topic, which always led to an inevitably awesome story.

What is one of your favorite highlights/memories from your time playing athletics/being with your team?
One of my favorite highlights has got to be setting the school record for getting hit by the most pitches. My mentality was always, "get on any way you can," and sometimes that meant crowding the plate and taking a ball to the thigh.

What is one of your favorite memories from Concordia away from athletics?
I was lucky enough to meet three of my best friends during our freshman volleyball season here at Concordia, and ever since then we have gotten to celebrate together the Cobber milestones like the beanie toss and getting our Cobber rings. But one of my favorite memories was us attending our last Homecoming Bonfire and singing the Concordia fight song together one last time, even though it was painfully cold.

What are your post-graduation plans?
Currently, I plan to stay around the Fargo-Moorhead area and continue to work and coach in the summer. I am unsure of the timeline, but my ultimate goal is to enter to the water treatment business, wherever that might take me.